OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Political Sciences & Public Affairs Volume 5, Issue 4 An Empirical Study on the Existing Legal Framework against Domestic Violence in India with Special Reference to Chennai Gayathri M Protected Values and Their Influences on Perceived Procedural Fairnessin Highway Project A Field Survey in South Sulawesi Indonesia Setiawan I and Hatori T History of Sectarianism in Pakistan Implications for Lasting Peace Asma Khan Mahsood and Muhammad K Identifying the Influence Factors on the Intention to Vote among Youths in Rural Areas Esa NB and Hashim RB Leadership Recruitment Process and the Travails of Development in Nigeria Odisu TA One Country Two System Expectations and Realities Madhusoodanan PR The Relationship between Political Parties and Civil Society Mexhuani B and Rrahmani F A Critical Analysis of Juvenile Justice Act and System in India Sruti DK Mining Exploitation Policy and Poverty of Local Communities Uhaib Asrsquoad M Resurgence of Militancy in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria Moses D and Olaniyi AT The Iranian Challenge to Gulf Security Fawaz A Human Rights and How they are Applied in PostSoviet Societies Vladimir L The Watergate Scandal and Its Aftermath Chouinard K Guys Do You Know Who Wants a Billion Dollar Goldshlak A Tourism Propaganda A Comparative Analysis of CrossRegional Study HsiaoYueh Y None Motorized Transport and Road Safety Policy Implementation in Kenya Zedekia S Street Level Bureaucrats as the Ultimate Policy Makers Zedekia S New Cyber Strategy of China and the Alterations in the Field Nurkulov NO International Administration of Territories and the Dilemma of Accountability Yacoub M Personality and Politics Ziegler DD The Enemy Achieves Surprise Are Intelligence Failures Avoidable Yengoude EA Internationalization of Ethnic Conflicts and Impact on Regional and International Security Najafov Z