OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Pollution Effects & Control Volume 5, Issue 2 Tropospheric Ozone Climatology in Eastern Equatorial Africa Mulumba JP, Sivakumar V and Afullo TJO Application of Techniques Derived from the Study of Soil Organic Matterto Characterize the Organic Matter during the Composting of VariousMaterialsA Review Kalakodio L, Alepu OE and Zewde AA Comparative Activities of Soil Enzymes from Polluted Sites in Egbema ImoState Nigeria Chioma Y Ezirim, Paul C Chikezie, Kizito M Iheanacho and Ngwu R Nwachukwu Effects of Landfill Leachate application on Crops growth and Properties ofa Mediterranean Sandy Soil Turki N and Bouzid J Regulated Gaseous Emissions from Inuse High Horsepower Drilling andHydraulic Fracturing Engines Johnson DR, Heltzel R, Nix AC, Clark N and Darzi M Determination of the Sea Waters Quality of ArzewAlgeria Gulf Redouane F and Mourad L Evaluation of TSS BOD5 and TP in Sewage Effluent Receiving SambulRiver Rono AK Chemical and Thermodynamic Processes in Clay Brick FiringTechnologies and Associated Atmospheric Emissions MetricsA Review Akinshipe O and Kornelius G Politics of Energy Exploitation and Environmental Degradation in theNigerDelta Region of Nigeria Idiege DA Role of Meteorology in Major Dust Pollution Outbreak of 20th29thMarch 2010 over South Coast of West Africa Oluleye A Heavy Metals in an Important Section of the So Francisco RiverNortheast Brazil Distribution Profile Accumulation Mechanisms andRisks of Dissemination through the Food Chain Pereira MDG, Souza CLM, Sachdev RDL, Santos AVD, Pinto PADC, Souza LA, Ribeiro JN, Oliveira JPD, Guimaratildees MCC and Ribeiro AVFN