OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS Volume 7, Issue 1 Using Combined CloseRange Active and Passive Remote Sensing Methods to Detect Sinkholes Naftly Goldshleger, Uri Basson, Ilan Azaria and Shlomo Fastig Spatial Analysis of Cervical Cancer and Correlated Factors Daniel Bingi Application of Remote Sensing Technique and Geographic Information Science for Flood Risk MappingA Case Study of the Offinso District KumasiGhana Emmanuel Oduro Amoako and Lin Sun Advanced MTInSAR Landslide Monitoring Methods and Trends Amardeep Singh Virk, Amanpreet Singh and Sudesh Kumar Mittal Estimation of Soil Erosion Risk in Mubi South Watershed Adamawa State Nigeria Richard TS, Iguisi EO, Odunze AC and Jeb DN Geoinformatics based Valuation of Forest Landscape Dynamics in Central Western Ghats India Ramachandra TV and Bharath S Classification and Mapping of Land Cover Types and Attributes in Al Ahsaa Oasis Eastern Region Saudi Arabia Using Landsat7 Data Abdelrahim Salih Monitoring Deforestation in South Western Ethiopia Using Geospatial Technologies Kero Alemu Danano, Abiyot Legesse and Dereje Likisa Soil Erosion Risk and Flood Behaviour Assessment of Sukhnag catchment Kashmir Basin Using GIS and Remote Sensing Umair Ali, Syed Ahmad Ali, Javed Ikbal, Mannan Bashir, Mohsen Fadhl, Mukeem Ahmad, Hamdi Al Dharab and Saleh Ali New Unexpected Use of Display Devices Display Virtually Seeing on 8220Accidentally Happening Events of Construction Steel Directly Falling on HumanHead8221 Can be Sensed by Oneself Tetsuya Muraoka, Shunji Uchimura and Hiroaki Ikeda Detection of the Dry Trees Result of Oak Borer Beetle Attack Using Worldview2 Satellite and UAV Imagery an ObjectOriented Approach Yousef Taghi Mollaei, Karamshahi A and Seyyed Yousef Erfanifard A GIS Scheme for Forage Assessment and Determination of Rangeland Carrying Capacity Nahom Gudeta Fajji, Lobina G Palamuleni and Victor Mlambo Spatiotemporal Change Study for High Altitudes of Pithoragarh District Uttarakhand as an Indicator of Climate ChangeSpatiotemporal Change Study for High Altitudes of Pithoragarh District Uttarakhand as an Indicator of Climate Change Neelam Rawat, Rohini Gabriyal, Kishor Kandpal, Saurabh Purohit and Durgesh Pant