OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination Volume 8, Issue 3 Elimination of Cancer Health Disparities through the Acceleration of HPV Vaccines and Vaccinations A Simplified Version of the Presidents Cancer Panel Report on HPV Vaccinations Eva McGhee, Hill Harper, Adaku Ume, Melanie Baker, Cheick Diarra, John Uyanne, Sebhat Afework, Keosha Partlow, Lucy Tran, Judith Okoro, Anh Doan, Karen Tate, Mechelle Rouse, Meidrah Tyler, Kamilah Evans, Tonya Sanchez, Ishmum Hasan, Enijah SmithJoe, Jasmine Maniti, Liliana Zarate, Camille King, Antoinette Alugbue, Chiamaka Opara, Bileko Wissa, Joanne Maniti and Roland Pattillo Virus Inactivation Using a High Dose of GammaIrradiation A Possible Approach for Safer Vaccines Against Highly Infectious Agents Mohammed Alsharifi and Shannon C David Immunization Rates and Barriers to Influenza Vaccine Access in the Community Pharmacy Nashira M Rodriacuteguez and Kyle Melin Primary Immunization among Children in Malaysia Reasons for Incomplete Vaccination Noor Ani Ahmad, Rohani Jahis, Lim Kuang Kuay, Rasidah Jamaluddin and Tahir Aris Lactococcosis in Reared Fish in Brazil and Control Strategies Fukushima HCS, Bailone RL and Ranzani Paiva MJT