OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Oil & Gas Research Volume 3, Issue 2 Fluid Interaction with Tight Rocks to Induce Energy Recovery Wang Dongmei, Zhang Jin, Raymond Butler, Adam Clark, Dave Koskella and Racheal Rabun Feasibility Study of Bayudas Sand for Possible Use as Proppant in Oil Field Elham M Mohammed Khair, Osman M Abdolla, Mohammed A Ahmed and Mohammed Ammar B Fathi Analysis of Wellbore Pressure Drop on Horizontal Well Performance Ohaegbulam MC, Izuwa NC and Onwukwe SI Acoustic Logging Methods in Fractured and Porous Formations Sudad H Al Understanding the Estimation and Improvement of Recovery Rate for OilShale In situ Processing Wang Yiwei, Su Jianzheng, Wang Youping, Meng Xiang Long and Ma Zhongliang Criticism of the Current Science in the World Pejman Malekinejad A Bibliography of Geological Studies on the Younger Granites RingComplexes of Nigeria 19512015 Aminu MD, Ardo BU and Jato MA Enhanced Gas Lift Valve Performance for Sharp Edged Seat using LargerBall Sizes Fathi Elldakli, Mohamed S and Mehdi SH Effect of Initial Pressure Surface and Outlet Velocity and Density ofAdsorbed Gas on Transport and Production in Shale Gas Reservoirs Balumi WB and Aminu MD Editorial Version on the Significance of Ground Water in Petroleum andits Products While Drilling Wilson Cruise