OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Otolaryngology: Open Access Volume 7 Issue 2 Current Uses of Diode Lasers in Dentistry Shanthala BM, Wilson B, Joppan S and Srihari Snuff Tomback Dipping Verrucous Carcinoma A Case Report Yousif I Eltohami, Nour E Alim, Ahmed M Suleiman and Amal H Abuaffan CovasLift Facial Enhancement Jose L Covarrubias, Jorge Olivares, Richard Bensimon and Luis Morales Clinical Research on Relation between Nasal Mucosa Contact Point andHeadache Jia Wang and Jinshu Yin Effects in Hearing Thresholds in Subjects Receiving Radiotherapy as Treatmentfor Head and Neck Cancer Priscila Feliciano de Oliveira, Renata Grazielle Souza Santos, Tatiane Costa Carneiro, Carlos Kazuo Taguchi, Gregorina Ribeiro Rocha, Priscila Silva Passos, Aline Cabral de Oliveira and Silvia Elaine Zuim de Moraes Baldrighi Again Dental Impaction and Infection What to do Koleilat Mohamad Cartilage Palisade Grafting in Retrograde Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy AReview of 80 Cases Pradeep Pradhan and Priti Lal Examining Interprofessional Collaboration There is no I in Healthcare Team Leonard B Goldstein and Ashley Marsh Oral Carcinoma Associated with Chronic Use of Electronic Cigarettes Hoang Nguyen, Joseph P Kitzmiller, Kieu Tho Nguyen, Chuong Dinh Nguyen and Thuong Chi Bui