OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Otolaryngology: Open Access Volume 7, Issue 5 Prevention of Hearing Loss Pranav Dinesh Mathur Kimuras Disease Presenting as a Post Cricoid Mass A Diagnostic Challenge Mohiyuddin SMA, Raju K, Sumanth KR, Karunasagar A, Maruvala S, Chaudhary S and Thomas L Additional Difficulties Associated with Aetiologies of Deafness Outcomes from a Parent Questionnaire of 540 Children Using Cochlear Implants Short Review Jayne Ramirez Inscoe Larynx Preservation No Longer Recommended for T4 Laryngeal CancerPatients Gerhard Dyckhoff, Peter K Plinkert and Heribert Ramroth Surgical Induction of Burning Mouth Syndrome Hemicolectomy and Hyperalimentation Jasmine M Campbell, Chevelle Winchester and Alan R Hirsch Prediction of Fluid Characteristics in Pediatric Otitis Media with Effusion from the Tympanometry Al Hussein Awad Ali, Ramdan H Sayed, Salwa Mourad Abdel Mawgoud and Diana Ghayes Alternative Imaging Response Criteria with the Use of Axitinib in Head and Neck Cancer An Exploratory Analysis Utilizing the Choi Criteria Paul L Swiecicki, Elliot Dickerson, Emily Bellile, Ashok Srinivasan and Francis P Worden Extended Open Partial Laryngectomy with TitaniumBased Laryngeal Framework Reconstruction Surgical Technique and Treatment Outcomes Piotr Woacutejtowicz, Olga JurekMatusiak, Jan Ratajczak and Antoni Krzeski Liuzijue Qigong a New Method of Voice Training after Thyroidectomy Due to Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis A Case Study Jun Tang, Pei Li, Mingwen Yu, Ping Wan, Xing Jin, Jianju Liu, Chunlei Shan and Zhaoming Huang