OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Pediatrics & Therapeutics Volume 7, Issue 1 Fathers Involvement in Breast Feeding Practices and Associated Factorsamong Households having Children Less than Six Months in SouthernEthiopia A Cross Sectional Study Martha Abera, Misra Abdulahi and Tolassa Wakayo Atypical Kawasaki Disease in 2Months Old Infant Presenting with Aseptic Meningitis Khalil Mohamad Salameh, Mohamed Omer, Sara Hamad and Hebatalla Kamal Comparison of Actual and Estimated Body Weight Using Mid Upper Arm Circumference Broselow Tape and Advanced Pediatric Life Support APLS Formula Among Children Age 1 to 12 Years Old Ana Kristina Lizo Garcia and Rebecca Abiog Castro Palmar Grasp Reflex in Human Newborns Marcus Vinicius MarquesdeMoraes, Jadiane Dionisio, Uner Tan and Eloisa Tudella Predictors of Perforated Appendix among Children Kamlesh Kumar Jha, Shilpa Singh, Shruti Trehan, Gregory E Gilbert, Aisha Mohammed, Moon Hee Hur, Joseph Uricchio, Shama Shirazi, Pragya Jha and Romeen Lavani Mortality and ShortTerm Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants at a Tertiary Care Center in Jordan Comparison with Other Countries Manar Allawama, Tariq Abdelghani and Eman Badran Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior Relative to Body Mass Index among School Children in Saudi Arabia Adel Abdullah Alhusaini Electrolyte Imbalance Caused by Diuretic Therapy in Infants with Congenital Heart Diseases Kiyoshi Ogawa, Fumie Kawachi, Takuma Mori, Takashi Hishitani and Kenji Hoshino MultiParticulate Dosage Forms for Pediatric Use Mariacutea Esther MartiacutenezTeraacuten, Thanh Huong HoangThi and MariePierre Flament Qualitative Analysis of Children with Down Syndrome using the Xbox 360 Console Gabriela Vieira Brito, Alef Aparecido AlvesRodrigues, Jadiane Dioniacutesio, Ceacutelia Regina Lopes, Franciely Fernandes Andrade and Fernanda Lorena Canuto Extrinsic Iron Staining in Infant Teeth from Vitamin Supplement Containing Iron Adam Gailey, Gerardo Rivera Silva and Hector R MartiacutenezMenchaca