OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Sociology and Criminology-Open Access Volume 5, Issue 1 The Israeli Contribution and Evolution to LGBT Cinema LGBT IsraeliRepresentations from the 1980s until Today Maya Schwartz Laufer Comparative Analysis of the Evolution of Juvenile Delinquency andEffectiveness of Penal Sanctions Methodological Solutions and NewChallenges San Juan C and Ocriz E Nigerian Social Institutions in the Lens of Anomie Theory Okafor Samuel O Thwarting Radicalization in India Lacunae in Policy Initiatives Bajpai GS and Kaushik A Black Eyes Matter Nuances of Intersectionality and their Impact on Inclusion and Support Wendy Ashley One More for the Books A Program Review of Delinquent Rehabilitation Glassner SD and Carey MT Political Participation and Its Correlates in Jamaica An EmpiricalViewpoint Bourne PA, Pryce CS, Davis AH, Francis C, Coleman OW and Solan I An Assessment of Community PolicingOriented Training Programme in Benue and Lagos States Nigeria Arisukwu O Residential Burglary Main Results of a Study in Germany Wollinger G, Dreiszligigacker A and Baier D Community Policing Practice Roles Challenges and Prospects in CrimePrevention in East Gojjam Administrative Zone Mulugeta E and Mekuriaw D Rating of Negligence in Legal System of Iran Rezaei B Book Review Female Sexual Offenders Theory Assessment andTreatment Iqbal U Casual Employment its Ambiguity Heterogeneity and Causes in NigerianManufacturing Sector Bamidele R