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Social & Political Science Journals

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Description of the country:

India is a South Asia country which is in the seventh largest country by area, and 2nd largest country by population. India is considered as the world's most populous democracy. Infrastructure for tourism in this region is strong and it is world famous tourism destination in South Asia. It is famous for its culture and geographical characteristics.

Geography of the country:

Peninsular India is the oldest and geologically most stable part of India. Geographically, the whole country consists of three major islands. They are Andaman, Nicobar, and Lakshadweep Island. Altogether, the country is having 1,208 islands. In India the mainland coastline consists of the following: 43% sandy beaches; 11% rocky shores, including cliffs; and 46% mudflats or marshy shores. Some major peninsular rivers are Godavari, the Mahanadi, the Kaveri, and the Krishna, which drain into the Bay of Bengal.

Status of economy, research and development:

India economy is the seventh-largest by nominal GDP and third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). India is one of the fastest-growing major economies and it is also considered as a newly industrialized country. India has an average growth rate of approximately 7% over the last two decades and it is one of the G-20 major economics. India accounts for about 10% of all expenditure on research and development in Asia and the number of scientific publications grew by 45% over the five years to 2007. India has positioned itself as among the top five nations in the field of space exploration. In India, the antecedents of politics are Rig-Veda, Samhitas, Brahmanas, the Mahabharata and Buddhist Pali Canon. Arthashastra which is written by Chanakya discusses monetary and fiscal policies, welfare, international relations, and war strategies in detail, among other topics. The Manusmriti, is another important Indian political treatise.

Status about the different subjects in which extensive research is going on:

In Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Literature and Economics India have produced 21 Nobel laureates so far. Numerous social and political science journals are published from India with good reputation. Several leading Institution in the country including University of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Gujarat University, University of Hyderabad, Banaras Hindu University, Guwahati University and others are spearheading the political and social science research. Indian political Science Association is the highest and largest academy of political science and public administration in India.

Social & Political Science Journals List