A David Ambrose is Professor in the Department of Legal Studies, University of Madras teaching International Law and Constitutional Law for PG students. He has participated in many international and national seminars and published more than 45 research articles. He has also served as a subcommittee member in IPR related committees of NBA.


"The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) emphasizes the need for sustainable use of biological resources. The development of modern biotechnology, leading to bio patents, also highlights the same. The public participation has today become an accepted principle in the effective management of environment in general and sustainable development of natural resources in particular, under the well known concept of permanent sovereignty over natural resources. Public participation in the context of sustainable use of biological resources could be, in addition to actual participation in the management of biological resources, equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of utilization of biological resources. Realizing the importance of public participation, the Indian Government by enacting the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 has given statutory recognition to it. In this short paper an attempt is made to discuss the Indian experience with respect to public participation in the sustainable use of biological resources in the light of this Act. While doing so along with the importance of sustainable use of biological resources the public participation principle also will be briefly discussed. "