A Renuka Saravana Selvan

A Renuka Saravana Selvan

Sri Ramachandra Medical College & RI

Title: Retrospective analysis on adverse drug reactions induced by antibiotics in a tertiary care centre


Dr.A.Renuka completed her MBBS from Vinayaka Missions University at 2011. At present she is pursuing MD Pharmacology in Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute. She has presented a poster in International conference. Her dissertation is on progress.


Objective: Adverse drug reactions contribute to a serious problem increasing the morbidity, mortality and health care costs worldwide. This study retrospectively analyses the adverse drug reactions of antibiotics in inpatients of tertiary care centre. Methods: This is a retrospective study which analyzes the ADRs of antibiotics in inpatients of Sri Ramachandra Hospital for a period of 1 year (May 2013 to May 2014). ADR reports were collected from the Pharmacovigilance centre and causality assessment was done using WHO UMC scale. Results: Total number of adverse drug reactions for a period of one year was 136 and adverse drug reaction due to antibiotics in our hospital was 97 with the female predominance of 60. Majority of the adverse drug reaction was from the surgery and medicine department and most of the reactions involved skin. Quinolones was the leading antibiotic to produce reactions and the other drugs were cephalosporins and extended spectrum penicillins. All the reactions were definitely preventable and by causality assessment the reactions were mostly mild and moderate. Conclusion: The awareness and spontaneous reporting and recording of adverse drug reaction of antibiotics and other drugs involves a team work and strengthens the Pharmacovigilance centre in providing a perfect healthcare system.

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