A Sirotkin

Animal Production Research Centre Nitra, Slovakia

Title: Effect of selected natural supplements on ovarian steroidogenesis


A Sirotkin, PhD, DrSc is working as Professor at the Constantine the Philosopher University, as a Research Scientist at Research Institute of Animal Production in Nitra and as a Visiting Professor at the King Saud University in Ryiadh. He has more than 500 publications including 120 full papers in the international journals. He is a member of editorial boards of 3 international journals and a receipent of more than 10 national and international awards.


The aim of this in vitro study was to find the potential effect on ovarian secretory activity. For this purpose, the action of yucca and quercetin (given at doses 0, 1, 10, 100 μg/ml), on steroidogenesis of rabbit ovarian fragments was examined. The release of steroid hormones (progesterone, testosterone and estradiol) were analysed by enzyme immunoassay. It was observed, that yucca inhibited progesterone release (at 1 μg/ml but not at 10 and 100 μg/ml) and testosterone release (at 10 and 100 μg/ml but not at 1μg/ml) by rabbit ovarian fragments. Quercetin addition on the contrary promoted both progesterone (at 10 μg/ml, but not at other doses) and testosterone (at 1 μg/ml, but not at other doses). Quercetin did not affect estradiol output. Taken together, our observations suggest a direct effect of medical plant substances on ovarian steroidogenesis.