Abd El Nasser A Mohammad

Abd El Nasser A Mohammad

Assiut University Hospital, Egypt

Title: A review of cystic lesions of the orbit in upper Egypt children


Abd El-Nasser A Mohammad is a Professor of Ophthalmology and Faculty of Medicine, at Assiut University, He was the organizer of the Ophthalmology Department Conferences of Assiut University in conjunction with Upper Egypt Universities and Egyptian Society of Ophthalmology in 2009, 2006, 2003. He is also the moderator of Assessment and decision making of orbital disorders course, Egyptian Ophthalmological Society in conjuction with AAO, March 2010.


In the last 13 years (from July, 1999 to June, 2012), 259 cases of orbital cysts in children were registered at the orbital clinic of Assiut University Hospital, the referral center of Upper Egypt. The series have included common cysts such as dermoids as well as rare cysts such as microphthalmia with huge cyst, hydatid cyst and congenital teratoma. The clinical and neuro-imaging findings for each type will be discussed. Recommendations during surgical handling will be focused.

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