The study was done to investigate various factors that are associated with the consumption behaviour of the consumers in the Indian market. Th is study also tries to fi nd out the new and emerging trends of the Indian cosmeceutical industry. Th e research fi rst sought to explore how diff erent variables infl uence the behaviour of the consumers regarding the usage of cosmeceutical product. Various factors such as self-esteem, the decision making process while purchasing the cosmeceutical products etc. were also studied in depth. However this study also tries to examine the various key determinants involved in the purchasing behaviour of consumers while purchasing their cosmeceutical product. Th e target sample was above 15 years. Th e sample size is 120 and the sampling method used is the quota sampling method. Th e study was conducted in six diff erent cities of India that are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur and Patna. Among these six cities three are metro cities and the rest of the three are Tier - I cities. Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are the metro cities and luck now, Jaipur and Patna are the Tier - I cities. Th e instrument used to collect primary data is the questionnaire. Th e data is fi nally analysed through analytical soft ware named SPSS version 16. Th e various analytical tests used are Correlation, ANOVA, Post Hoc Tukey and Cross tabulation. Th e result of the study indicates that more of the young males were becoming aware of the cosmeceutical products. Th e result also shows that the brand, quality, price and availability are certain factors that infl uence consumer behaviour.