Abhik Kumar Sanyal

Jangipur College, University of Kalyani

Title: A critical survey to Hawking-Page Wormhole


Dr. Abhik kumar Sanyal is an Associate Professor in Physics Department of Jangipur College, University of Kalyani, India. Dr. Abhik finished his PhD from Jadavpur University in 1986. PhD thesis: Perfect and imperfect fluid in cosmology. Dr. Abhik has 27 year teaching experience, particular in physics subject. He published 46 papers in well reputed journals.


Minimally coupled scalar field has been revisited in the context of studying Euclidean wormholes. A large class of potentials have been considered for the purpose. It transpires that Hawking – Page conjecture is not at par with the classical concept of wormholes, which are gravitational instantons with a non-evolving throat being connected with two asymptotic flat Euclidean regions.