Abolfazl Mahmoodi graduated from medical school of Shahid Beheshti University Tehran Iran in 1998.He worked in Zaaim Hospital, Pakdasht city, one of the overpopulated cities in Tehran suburb for 2 years at emergency department (2000-2003) He was an emergency doctor in the most famous Iran iron ore mine. Since then, he has been working in his Skin care and beauty clinic and emergency dept. in Iran Mehr Hospital. As he has worked with a great affinity and interest towards research, his rewarding association with the research center of Rehabilitation and Welfare University is solid. It is a noteworthy that he is one of the countrywide members of health plan in Iran selected universities. He published some papers and a book on "Lifestyle and its approach".


This paper examines the mutual correlation of maternal social support with quality of life and level of stress among pregnant women. It also addresses facing their future of mental and physical health. Present study was conducted in Shahriar Social Service Hospital in 2012 on 210 pregnant women based on a descriptive-correlative study with using PATH Model. Study subjects completed questionnaires of obstetrics and demographics, VAUX social support, World Health Organization quality of life, and stress during pregnancy. Data analysis was done with SPSS-19 and Lisrel 8.8, utilizing statistical path analysis. The final path model fitted well (CF1 = 1, RMSEA = 0.00) and showed that direct a quality of life paths with β = -0.2, and indirect social support with Β= -0.088 had the most effects on reduction of stress during pregnancy.
Social support impact and quality of life influence on stress levels during pregnancy, respectively indirectly and directly. In order to face healthier future behaviors and safeguarding, health and welfare officials should attempt to establish measures to further enhance social support and quality of life of pregnant women to protect against mental and physical consequences during this period.