Adeneye Olaolu Samuel

Adeneye Olaolu Samuel

University of Lagos, Netherlands

Title: Finite element analysis of single slot antenna for microwave ablation therapy


Adeneye Olaolu Samuel is a M.Phil/Ph.d student at University of Lagos. He is 30 years old .He is married and he is currently a research assistance at the college of Medicine of the University of Lagos. He has published more than 5 papers in reputed journals. He is currently working on a research titled “Design and simulation of single slot antenna for microwave ablation”.


Microwave ablation therapy (MWA) is increasingly utilized in the treatment of hepatic tumours. It is also emerging as an attractive modality for thermal therapy of soft tissues targeted in short periods of time, making it particularly suitable for ablation of hepatic and other tumors. The single slot antenna for hepatic MWA was designed and simulated using COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS 4.3b. A total number of 140 antenna model was designed of which 3 of the antenna were selected based on the variation in their reflection coefficient, total power density and Specific Absorption Ratio as their slot sizes is varied. The three antennas have different geometry parameters based on the effective wavelength in liver tissue at 2.45GHz. The inner and outer conductors of the antenna were modeled using perfect electric conductor (PEC) boundary conditions. The model was simulated in COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS 4.3b at multiple discrete length of slot between 2.5mm and 4.5mm, using 0.1mm increaments to determine the antenna efficiency. The antenna has a reflection coefficient as low as -44.67618 dB, -39.21235 dB, -38.25693dB with a corresponding Total power dissipation of 9.47744 W, 9.47762 W and 9.47529 W. The result show that the antennas operates with low reflection coefficients which at high power levels prevents overheating of the feedline which leads to damage of the coaxial line, therefore it is suitable for ablation of hepatic and other tumors.