Adrian Angel Inchauspe, medical doctor graduated from Medical Sciences , National University of La Plata in 1986, is current surgery professor of quoted School of Medicine. He worked as surgeon for “Dr. Rodolfo Rossi” Hospital in LaPLata and “Dr. Ignacio Pirovano” Hospital in Buenos Aires. Currently he assists as member of the Investigation Department in “Dr. Alejandro Korn “Hospital , La Plata. Scholarship in Germany after his surgical residency in 1991, was certified in laproscopic surgery in Aachen and Tubingen Universities. Graduate in Tele surgery Louis Pasteur University - Strasbourg - was chosen for the Argentina National Invention Award in 1998. Since 2005, Dr. Inchaus preserves as a teacher in the Argentina Acupuncture Society; and as session chairman of several International Drug Discovery Science and Technology Congress .Editorial member and reviewer of renowned journals, he has been searching about Yong quan resuscitation since 27 years.


Euclid was one of the greatest mathematicians of Ancestral Times. His contributions were key to exact sciences. His posthumous work, “Elements” –of comparable diffusion to The Bible– is an example of the axiomatic-deductive system par excellence. These postulates which led to Space Age, helped to determine Kepler´s orbital ellipses, and set the development of Astrophysics. Statements about the Five Regular Polyhedrons can be extrapolated to the Five Elements´ Theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, recognizing a common origin. Analysis of the Tri-dimensional Solids provides unprecedented support to this ancient Oriental Medicine parameters from Geometry – the oldest formal science ever known – justifying its diagnosis and therapeutic accuracy beyond its symbolical metaphorical language. The author presents a concrete evidence of actual application to the Torsadogenic Index and his K.1 Yong quan Resuscitation Maneuver.