Alan Diego Briem Stamm

Alan Diego Briem Stamm

University of Rosario, Argentina

Title: Standards, protocols and globalization of forensic odontology


Alan Briem Stamm, Dentist is currently pursuing doctorate in dentistry, 3rd cohort at the University of Corrientes, Argentina. He is the Chairman of Iberoamerican Society of Forensic Odontoestomatology (SOFIA), Teacher of Legal Dentistry at the University of Corrientes, Argentina, Teacher of “Forensic Dentistry" in Course University Forensic Assistant at the University of Cordoba, Argentina, Professor of Forensic Odontology School Police Corrientes, Argentina, Sub Director "Forensic Science International Management" Worlwide Group Policy. Professor of Forensic Odontology at level 1 and 2 Couse International Forensic Science at the University of Cordoba, Argentina. He is also the co-ordinator in Argentina for the Worldwide Association of Women Forensic Experts (WAWFE). Past Treasurer of the Argentinian Society of Legal Dentistry (SADOL). Author of articles in scientific journals. He was the speaker at national/international conferences.


A disaster is an unexpected event that causes death or wounds to a high number of persons and the condition of the bodies originates serious difficulties for the identification. The promotion of teams has been recommended for these procedures (DVI), always under protocols and standards recognized internationally. Since the teeth and its restorations can resist highly unfavorable conditions, the Forensic Odontology has played a key role in the identification of great number of victims. Though there are several different protocols for these cases, those of Interpol have turned out to be efficient on having demonstrated the need of expert and qualified odontologists integrating the DVI teams. Even if different trends and opinions have been described in the matter, it is clear that singular situations have promoted the problems of slanted conducts in the application of the odontolgy in the processes of identification. In this talk a review of some catastrophes from the odontologic forensic perspective is presented and proposal is made of the adhesion to a constant education, to the recognized internationally standards and to the adoption of global philosophies that it keep attentive to the requirements of the function that involves the expert odontologist.

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