Alan Ebringer is an Australian immunologist, professor at King’s College in the University of London. He is also an Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist in the Middlesex Hospital, now part of the UCH School of Medicine. He is known for his research in the field of autoimmune disease.


Antibodies to Klebsiella bacteria have been measured in 6 different gastro-enterology centres in the U.K, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Royal Free Hospital-London, University College Hospital-London and King’s College Hospital-London. Elevated levels of antibodies to Klebsiella bacteria were found in all these 6 different centres when compared to local controls. It is suggested that Crohn’s disease is caused by Klebsiella bacteria in HLA-B27 negative individuals. Auto-antibodies to collagens I, III and IV are responsible for the pathological lesions in the gut. A multi-centre study involving anti-Klebsiella therapy should be evaluated in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.