Alexander Tuzov

Alexander Tuzov

National Center of Forensic Medicine, Israel

Title: Sudden death due to eosinophilic arteritis of a major coronary artery


Alexander Tuzov has completed hid Ph.D at National Center of Forensic Medicine from Israel and working as assistant professor at National Center of Forensic Medicine, Israel.


Coronary arteritis is the fourth most common cause of fatal cardiac disease, after coronary atherosclerosis, congenital anomalies and coronary dissection. Eosinophilic inflammation of the coronary arteries is extremely rare, involves the major coronaries and occurs as an isolated disease or as part of Churg-Strauss syndrome or Wegener's granulomatos is with involvement of other internal organs. A case of sudden and unexpected death of a healthy young woman is presented. An autopsy revealed eosinophilic inflammation of Left coronary artery with thrombosis of the lumen, causing a fatal cardiac failure. No other pathology was detected. We discuss the importance of performing a full autopsy, including microscopic inspection of the tissues, in order to glean the cause of death and learn about new and rare pathologies.

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