Alexandra Dalu

Alexandra Dalu

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Title: What solutions to hair loss?


Dr. Alexandra Dalu, was born on April 4, 1975 at Harfleur en Haute Normandie en France, after obtaining my high school degree in La Havre, I intended to follow my a passion in Human Science, and achieve my goal as a medical doctor. I was graduated from Paris V Universite Necker Enfant- Malade /Rene Descartes. I have obtained my doctorate with honorable appreciation from the committee, for my thesis on the topic of obesity and its application to social psychology bariatric surgery. This was the first thesis carried out on this subject which has been recognized by the internationally renowned jury of eminent psychiatrists, surgeons and endocrinologists. After having worked nearly 15 years in the hospital in the Emergency department, I decided to return to the option to switch between other degrees, directed towards anti-aging medicine. Certainly, this kind of a specialty has always inspired me, due to my belief in the saying Prevention is better than cure. It includes nutrition, micro nutrition, aesthetic medicine, endocrinology, herbal medicine, psychology, management of sleep, the preparation of athletes and management of welfare as a whole, while managing and controlling the treatment of medical pathologies. This kind of well-being has been recognized in the USA, and had taken my attention when I was a teenager travelling to the US to visit my American family friends. All these capsules, plants, vitamins, this culture of well-being, performance and the improvement of the self-appealed to me since this plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This Preventive Medicine has very recently been recognized and become important in France, as well. In addition, I have also obtained my degree mesotherapy to treat, heal pain and illness of all kinds including tendinitis and migranes. Mesotherapy is a very interesting technique in the field of anti-aging medicine, because it is used both to inject herbs, vitamins and Oligo elements in the scalp, tendons and articulations to treat the deficit of venous, which is responsible for cellulite in women and sensation of heavy legs. Currently, I am practicing at my cabinet office in Paris. I am as well a consultant doctor and guest speaker (conference) for Laboratories de complements aliment Aires Oligosante. I am also a columnist in the health sections for the online site Allo media.


Alopecia affects both men and women. 20% of women would be affected and about 60 % of men. At present, few treatments are effective. Recalls that the indication transplant requires still have hair alive. It is therefore important to have a comprehensive care of the fall of the earliest possible hair. One of the best techniques for treating hair loss and stimulate regrowth is the combination of mesotherapy sessions and sessions of LED (light emitting diode) . Causes? Alopecia is the decrease in the density of hair. It may be diffuse or localized acute or chronic. There are different causes: androgenic alopecia, polycystic ovary syndrome , thyroid dysfunction , vitamin deficiencies , overly restrictive diets , stress , overwork , physiological falls in autumn or post-delivery. The alopecia is classified according to two classifications of incipient baldness : Hamilton humans and Ludwig women. Treatments: Treatments are always complementary and used to optimize the effectiveness of fall arrest and promote regrowth. More support from falling early, treatment is more effective. A clinical examination and a blood test is needed in order to assess the treatment protocol adapts to each patient. Thus prescribed lotions such as Minoxidil 2 % or 5 and / or Stemoxydine ( Neogenic Vichy Dercos ) . This new biomimetic of a hypoxic signal molecule stimulates the stem cells of the lower reservoir of the follicle that are located in a hypoxic environment rich in CD34 + . It has been a reduction in the CD34 + essential to developing hair follicles in alopecia by disturbance of this hypoxic environment . treating shampoos , dietary supplements ( Oligophan and Gynovital Chaste in OLIGOSANTE ) , allopathic treatments orally if necessary, and therefore sessions LED ( light contractor ) associated to mesotherapy How? Mesotherapy is recognized in the treatment of alopecia all causes medical technology. The protocol includes four injections a week of the first month interval , then 2 injections at 15 days interval of 2 months. These injections are preceded by the 30-minute session of LED . Mesotherapy acts on the stimulation of the scalp microcirculation and therefore will improve the control of seborrhea and its oxygenation . Further , micronutrients , complex multi vitamin , such as vitamins B6 and B5 , silica and hyaluronic acid uncrosslinked , for its visco elastic properties , will rehydrate and allow regeneration of the bulb and its regeneration. It can be performed manually or with a gun.

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