Coordinator and professor of Geriatric Dentistry , Special Patients (Special Groups) and Clinical Dentistry for Special Patients - Catholic University of Brasilia (UCB), BrazilUCB ; PhD student (Intensive care unit and oral health), Master (Alzheimers, oral health and quality of life) in Health Sciences - Brasilia University (UnB), Brazil; Specialist in Periodontics (Alzheimers and dentistry) and Public Health (Mental health and dentistry-schizophrenia); Member of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine and Brazilian College Dental Hospital and Intensive - President of the Academic Committee ; Scientific Coordinator of the First International Congress of People with Disabilities (CISPoD) and Brazilian Dental Day on Special Patients (JOPE), 2013, Brasilia, Brazil


The Brazilian population is aging, characterized by increased life expectancy and access to qualified health services. The specific diseases of aging should be properly evaluated by the team working for the benefit of the elderly. Promoting oral health is very important for the systemic condition and quality of life of the elderly in a geriatric planning (gerontology). The oral health promotion aimed at eliminating pain, inflation and outbreaks of infection in the ducts taken at home and hospital (operating room, ward and intensive care unit ) . The present study aims to address the behaviors , clinical techniques , management , adaptation and evaluation of the knowledge of health professionals about the appropriateness of the oral environment conducted in patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's) in Brasilia,Brazil. Account of technical, scientific and educational experience in the quality of life of the elderly in oral health for over 10 years

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