Allan J. Fisher

Allan J. Fisher

Director of Perinatal Genetics, HCA VA Hospitals, USA

Title: Prenatal diagnosis


Fisher graduated from St. Louis University School of Medicine and completed his residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology at Emory University. He is Fellowship trained and Boarded Certified in both Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics. He offers comprehensive care to women with high-risk pregnancies, prenatal diagnosis, ultrasound and preconception counseling for high risk patients. Dr. Fisher is also active in many organizations and has a number of publications. He is a Franklin Award honoree from the March of Dimes and has a number of other awards for teaching and his research.


For over 40 years, chromosomal analysis in the prenatal arena has been limited. Since 2005, microarray analysis has been offered to the American public for an option for further information for their pregnancies. Until recently, there has been limited information for this population. The aim of the lecture is to demonstrate the utility of microarray analysis in conjunction of prenatal diagnosis in a multitude of ultrasound findings and their added significance. We will also review the pitfalls of karyotyping and noninvasive prenatal testing in comparison to microarray analysis. Future applications and suggested protocols will be reviewed as well.

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