Amany Mohamed Shebl has completed his PhD from Cairo University, Egypt. She occupied several positions as (head of medical, surgical nursing department, vice dean for student affair, and vice dean for post graduate and high studies research affair). And now she is occupying position Dean of faculty of nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt. She has several papers in reputed journals. She is also act as reviewer of international cancer journal and she is very interested in scientific research.


Introduction and aim: Gastrointestinal side effects are the most frequently reported adverse effects of antineoplastic and significantly affect patients’ daily functioning, quality of life, and compliance with therapy. Therefore, the aim of the study was to implement nursing management protocol to radiotherapy induced GIT side effects patients with cancer.
Research design and setting: A quasi-experimental research design was conducted in the Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Department at Mansoura University Main Hospital.
Sample: The data were collected from two hundred adult patients of both males and females randomly selected to correspond to the inclusion criteria and divided into two groups.
Tools: For the collection of the data and achieving the aim of the study, threetools were utilized by the researchers. A structured Interview questionnaire, a nausea and vomiting assessment scale, and a diarrhea assessment scale.
Results: Results indicated an increase in the total knowledge score for patients immediately after protocol. Implementation compared with after protocol implementation. A decreased incidence and severity of GIT side effects at post and follow up tests was found.
Conclusion: The implementation of nursing management protocol has a positive effect on the studied patients' total knowledge scores and decrease incidence and severity of GIT side effects in the study group.
Recommendations: it was recommended that, nursing management protocol should be integrated within the plan of care for cancer patients going to radiotherapy.

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