Amber Fehrenbacher

Amber Fehrenbacher

Lift Division, USA

Title: The new normal: Brands win when they stop trying to sell


Amber Fehrenbacher is a digital marketing and new media expert. She has produced and distributed content for top digital publishers as well as executed online advertising campaigns for brands including Coca-Cola, Netflix and TiVo. Her experience in the industry includes media buying/planning, search engine optimization, social media marketing, ad tech, conversion optimization & mobile. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri’s Journalism School and member of Ellevate Network, a global women’s organization for empowering women in business (formerly 85 Broads). She is passionate about great design, disruptive technologies and social entrepreneurship.


The Millennial market is a huge one and recently became the largest audience demographic surpassing the number of Boomers for the first time. Gen Y now holds the greatest buying power online as they move from entry to mid-level roles while also transitioning further from from the bottom of the job candidate pool and closer to major life milestones, mortgages and increased levels of discretionary income. Although they are still jumping through some of the more traditional hoops of middle-class life as 20 and 30-somethings, they certainly differ in how they view the world and the brands that comprise it. They are a new archetype of consumer and brands must adapt their marketing strategies accordingly if they hope to remain relevant- -and afloat. In this presentation, in-depth insights will be shared on today’s modern millennial-dominated marketplace and what that means for your company’s digital marketing approach and budget.