Amita Arora


Title: Homoeopathy: A ray of hope in acute allergic bronchitis


Dr. Amita Arora has completed her BHMS from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. She has been practicing since 11 yrs. She has her own practice at ACE HOMOEOPATHY Gurgaon. She has completed her Post Graduate Diploma in hospital administration, and Certificate in health management from APOLLO medvarsity Hyderabad. She is Life Member of South Delhi Homoeopathic Association and Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association. She is known for her expertise in dealing with allergic Respiratory disorders. She was former Senior Homoeopathic Consultant for 7 years with World famous Chain of Allergic Centre. She has written many articles and features in Diainik Jaagran and Times of India newspaper-Gurgaon.


In my private practice, out of every 10 patients 7 patients are having respiratory tract infections in that Allergic Bronchitis is the commonest disorder which responds very well to the Homoeopathic medicines. The reason behind respiratory infections is the cost paid by Gurgaon being a leading financial and industrial center of India. The ongoing constructions, smoke, pollution, mental & physical stress, sedentary lifestyle increases the risk factor for Allergic Bronchitis. At ACE HOMOEOPATHY, study was conducted on 30 cases of Acute Allergic Bronchitis and out of it 80% patients responded very well to Homoeopathic medicines. The aim of treatment was to give subjective & objective relief to the patient and limit the intervention of steroids, nebulizers and inhalers. The treatment helped in reducing the suffering of patient, eased out breathing and later on helped to build immunity of patients having Acute & Chronic Allergic Bronchitis.

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