Ana Luzia Batista de Gois

Ana Luzia Batista de Gois

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Title: Information on hospital morbidity among elderly people hospitalized through the Brazilian national health system


Ana Luzia Batista de Gois completed her Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from University of Medical Sciences, UERJ and she is a Physiotherapist and completed her Graduation in FRASCE/RJ during 1989. She is a Postgraduate in Geriatrics superior teaching and Acupuncture. She has her Masters in Science of Human Motricity from UCB/RJ. Ana Luzia Batista de Góis is at present the Director for the Center of Specialized Physiotherapy and consultant of Ministry of Health/SUS.


In view of the high hospital costs of the elderly, this study aimed to compare the seven highest frequencies of hospital morbidity among elderly people in the years 2005 and 1994, using data from the Hospital Information System. The methodology consisted of evaluation of information obtained from the Ministry of Health’s database regarding hospital morbidity among admissions of elderly people in 2005 and 1994. Additionally, standard and adjusted rates were calculated using the direct standardization method, through Epidat 3.1. Th e main results were that diseases of the circulatory system predominated both in1994 (32%) and in 2005 (28%), with a reduction of 4% between these years. The number of cases of neoplasms doubled from 1994 (4%) to 2005 (8%), and infectious and parasitic diseases remained around the same percentage of 7% in 1994 and 2005. It can be concluded that in Brazil, hospital morbidity among elderly people continues to consist predominantly of diseases of the circulatory system, while no reduction in infectious and parasitic diseases has been seen, and there are signs a recent sharp increase in neoplasms. It is recommended that comparison studies between time periods should be one of the management tools used.

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