Anant Khot

Anant Khot

Amrita Institute of Medical Science

Title: Pharmacovigilance and its challenges


Anant Khot has finished his MD pharmacology from M S Ramaiah Medical College in the year 2013. Currently he is working as clinical assistant professor in Amrita institute medical sciences & he co-ordinates pharmacovigilance activities in that institution.


Pharmacovigilance is ‘‘the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problem. Today, the scope of drug safety surveillance is expansive and is becoming increasingly complex because the safety of a medicine is related not only to its pharmacological properties but also to how it is used in actual practice and to the integrity of the product’s quality throughout the supply chain. Clinical diagnosis of adverse drug reactions and patient management are complex, interwoven processes. Clinical information and experiences about individual patients will aid prevention of adverse drug reactions. Hence, WHO has started pharmacovigilance Some of the key challenges faced by pharmacovigilance programs include: i. Rechallenge issues & bias with respect to causality assessments ii. Underfunded component of national healthcare programs particularly in low and middle-income countries. iii. Weber effect iv. Lack of awareness among clinicians & interested people for ADR related activity These issues can be tackled by, a. Engaging the public b. Collaboration and partnership with other public health agencies c. Incorporating informatics d. Adopting a global approach e. Assessing the impact of efforts