Andrea Bloom’s focus on obesity stems from her experience working for Johnson & Johnson’s diabetes division where she developed a deep understanding of the lifestyle factors that lead to obesity and its co-morbidities. Andrea is Founder and CEO of ConnectWell, a wellness company that works with worksites, physicians and healthcare providers to engage participants in sustainable wellness practices to improve health outcomes. She is a sought out innovator in wellness and has spoken at the Wellness Rewards Congress, NCHRA Total Rewards Conference, Haas Healthcare and Women in Leadership Conferences, and Stanford Business School. Andrea is a research affiliate with Institute for the Future, a leading think tank in Palo Alto, California. As part of their Health Horizons practice area, she is an active contributor to their research on the future of health and healthcare. Andrea received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her BA in Economics from University of California, Berkeley.


The global obesity epidemic has been fueled by the changes in what we are eating and drinking and how much and the frequency at which we consume food products and beverages. The food environments and the foods and beverages that are readily available and affordable have propelled this epidemic across the globe and impacted people from all walks of life. The co-morbidities associated with obesity have serious health consequences that negatively impacts quality of life. With lasting lifestyle changes related to food, drinking and eating, people can reverse the co-morbidities associated with obesity and reclaim their lives. ConnectWell’s obesity, diabetes and nutrition experts include Robert Lustig, MD UCSF and Luis Rodriguez, RD, CNSC, UCSF who have extensive experience in treating obese patients and their families. ConnectWell’s Eating for a Vibrant Program is an evidence-based intensive lifestyle intervention program that engages obese and overweight participants along with their families in lifestyle habits that drive healthy eating and drinking behaviors. The program cultivates the skill set to create a food environment that supports healthy lifelong behaviors around food and eating. Eating for a Vibrant Life is a group-based program and includes: 15 interactive sessions led by a registered dietitian; a proprietary workbook with surveys, frameworks and activities that are reinforced through small group sessions; support tools that facilitate action planning and provide healthy eating habits for the whole family; buddy matching for additional support; and access to the registered dietitian throughout the program. Eating for a Vibrant Life is available for licensing to health systems and providers to be used to treat their obese and overweight patient population. ConnectWell provides training on how to use the Eating for a Vibrant Life Program to ensure that registered dietitians are successful in program implementation and in their work to improve the health outcomes of their patients.