Angsuman Chanda

Raja N L Khan Women’s College, India

Title: Telson spine is a variable diagnostic feature in Metapenaeus brevicornis


A. Chanda has completed his Ph.D. from Vidyasagar University,Midnapore , W.B. during 1993. He is Assistant Professor, PG Dept. of Zoology, Raja N.L.Khan Women’s College, Midnapore, W. B. and conducting several research projects. He has more than 10 papers in reputed journals and is member of different scientific bodies.


"Metapenaeus brevicornis is a common penaeid prawn of India which is pantropical in distribution. The species was first recorded as Penaeus brevicornis by Milne Edwards (1837) of Ganjam coast of Orissa. Alcock (1906) placed the species under Metapenaeus. Specimens recorded from different places in India have 1 to 2 spines on the telson. Whereas those from Australia and other places have only one spine. Kubo (1949) found no spine in Japanese species. Since all the specimens agree in other diagnostic features it is suggested that the number of spine on telson in Metapenaeus brevicornis is a variable character. "