Anne Kuusisto is registered Nurse and completed her M.N.Sc. in 2003 at the University of Turku and her M.S.Sc. in 2012 at the University of Tampere in Finland. She also has vocational teacher qualifi cation. Now, she is working as project co-coordinator at the Satakunta Hospital District in Finland. The Finnish Nurses Association has granted her as the fi rst in Finland specifi c competencies of nursing informatics management in December 2012.


Eff ective communication among nurses during the hospital discharge process is critical to patient care. For safe further care, it is important that professionals have complete and up-to-date medication information. Medication reconciliation problems are common among patients at hospital discharge and lead to adverse events. Electronic nursing discharge summary (ENDS) is regarded as essential for documenting patient´s status when patient needs continuation of care aft er an episode of hospitalization. ENDS has potential to reduce discharge medication errors and to ensure the safe handover of care. Th e ENDS has been used since 2005 in the patient transfer phase at Satakunta Hospital District (SHD) in Finland. Th e aim of this study is to clarify the extent to which the receiving nurses were aware of patient's medication at discharge. Th is study is one part of survey which aims to clarify how primary care personnel experience the fl ow of information at patient discharge from special care to primary care or homecare. Th e material was collected with e-mail survey from primary care personnel 1.11.2012 - 27.12.2012. Th ere were a total of 180 nurses who answered the survey. Nursing discharge summaries did not accurately and completely refl ect the patient medication. For example, only 22 percent of nurses were aware of medication taken at transfer day. Th ere were also discrepancies in medication between epicrisis and nursing summaries. Renewal of electronic health record system is in process at SHD. It serves new possibilities for medication documentation.

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