Aswathaman Vijayan has completed his Engineering at the age of 21 years from Sona College of Technology, India. He is currently working in Sustainability Cell of ITC Limited as a Regional Manger. Though engineering being his background, he chose agriculture has his profession because of his quest to build sustainability in earth and stability in environment. His research areas focus on Sustainability in Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Biodiversity Conservation. He has published 6 research papers till date in reputed international peer reviewed journals and presented many of his works on sustainability in agriculture and renewable energy in International conferences.


ITC Limited believes there is an ethical or devout responsibility to protect their fellow ecosystem in which they operate. There are many direct benefits to the people and the economy from biodiversity. While agriculture contributes significantly to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, it is also a major driver of biodiversity loss. The Earth’s biodiversity is being lost at an alarming rate, putting in threat the sustainability of agriculture and ecosystem services and their ability to adapt to changing conditions, threatening food and livelihoods security. We believe that maintenance of this biodiversity is essential for the sustainable production of our agricultural products. Intention of this assessment is to share the information and outcomes on Bio-diversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment carried out by ITC Limited in Mysore agricultural landscape in India. The assessment carried out is first of its kind in India wherein a landscape approaches in identifying, prioritising and addressing the risk and opportunities were carried out. An agricultural landscape encompasses not only the farm sites and immediate area of production but the wider features that production depends upon. The landscapes identified for studying the biodiversity risk and opportunity in Mysore area confines to studying not only a particular species but a complete ecosystem of the landscapes. The purpose of the Biodiversity Risk and Opportunity Assessment (BROA) tool is to provide a method to identify the impacts and dependencies of business operations of ITC Limited on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes; to assess and prioritise the risks and opportunities arising from those impacts and dependencies; and to produce Action and Monitoring Plans for the organization to address those risks and opportunities. Key Words: ITC Limited, Mysore, Biodiversity, Agricultural Landscape