Aurelija Vaitkuviene

Aurelija Vaitkuviene

Lithuania University, Lithuania

Title: Fluorescence for diagnosis at point of care


J.V.Vaitkus, Dr.Sc., FIoP, last 50 years investigates different materials (mostly semiconductors), author more than 250 peerreviewed papers. He initiated a foundation of the Institute of Applied Research at Vilnius University, serves for “Lithuanian Journal of Physics” and for ‘Laser in Medicine” magazine as deputy editor. He is President of Lithuanian Physics Society. Senior Researcher A.Vaitkuviene, PhD, M.D., is gynecologist and laser medicine scientist. Doctoral studies on ultrasound and termography in obstetrics later turned on laser medicine. She served as principal investigator for different medical laser equipment clinical trials. Editorial board member for “HPV Today” and renovated European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) “Laser in medicine”magazines. International Academy on Laser Medicine and Surgery founding member, President Elect of International Phototherapy Association, President of Lithuanian branch of EMLA


This lecture will address a variety of topics related to the use of optical diagnostics in cancer screening at point of care. The fluorescence spectra consists the information for diagnosis. The data processing and storage methods, as well, as simplicity of the device for the fluorescence spectroscopy makes it promising. By this device it was performed the women reproductive tract investigation on waste material samples. Non neoplastic and neoplastic pathology group’s discrimination accuracy will be presented. Also the possibility of therapeutics spectral signatures monitoring will be demonstrated. Most convenient and least invasive for patient, most economical for medical care providers and handy for medical personnel spectral diagnosis device will be proposed. Usefulness for personalized medicine practical implementation will be discussed.

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