Ayae Honda

Hosei University, Japan

Title: Influenza virus infection rise the temperature of cell


Ayae Honda is working as a researcher in Hosei University, Japan.


The genome of Influenza virus is negative strandedRNA and about 14000 nucleotides. The replication takes place in nucleus using own RNA dependent RNA polymerase.We prepared to temperature sensor to examine the cell temperature. Using this temperature sensor we measured influenza virus infected- and uninfected- cells. Result showed thatthe temperature of influenza virus infection rosecell temperatureto about 5oC. To understand this phenomenon we assayed ATP level in the cell. ATP content of the virus infected cells rose up to 2hpi, and then decreased. RT-PCR for mRNA showed that the mRNA was increased 1000 fold up to 4hpi. We also assayed the viral protein content at each time after virus infection. At 6-8 hpi, most of viral proteins were detected by LC/MS correlated to the result of RT-PCR. This result indicated that a large amount of ATP consumption caused the rise of temperature inner cell.