Ayşe Karcı

Ayşe Karcı

Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey

Title: The Analgesic Effect Of Morphine On Postoperative Pain In Diabetic Patients


Ayşe Karcı has completed her medical education at Ege University, Turkey and was specialized in anesthesiology in Dokuz Eylül University School of Medicine and still working in the same hospital as an Associate Professor. She has worked in the Department of Obstetrics and Labor Unit as anesthesiologist and was also the director of School of Anesthesia Technicians for about six years. She has 16 publications in reputed journals and 29 Turkish papers in the field of anesthesia.


Many clinical and experimental studies have suggested that diabetes or hyperglycemia alter opioid responsiveness. However, little information is available on the effects of diabetes mellitus on opioid requirements in the postoperative period. The findings of the study appear to support experimental and clinical impressions that the analgesic effect of morphine is attenuated in hyperglycemic conditions. Therefore, larger doses of morphine may be administered to diabetic patients for effective postoperative analgesia.

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