B Anil Kumar

Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, India

Title: Lantana camera associated hepatic and renaltoxicity in bullocks: A case report


B Anil Kumar, currently working in Sri Venkineswara Veterinary University, India. His research interest is hepinic and renaltoxicity in bullocks


Two bullocks were brought to the Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, College of Veterinary Science, Korutla with the history of anorexia and voiding scanty faeces since 3 days and owner has reported that unknowingly two bulls had entered the nearby village and grazed on lantana plants one entire day. Detailed clinical examination has revealed icteric conjunctival mucous membranes, decreased rumen motility with profuse frothy salivation. Among the two one bullock was very weak, dull and conjuctival mucous membrane was very much icteric and from that animal dung, urine, blood samples were collected for detailed laboratory investigation. Dung smear was negative for parasitic ova but urine sample was positive for bile salts. Serum analysis showed increased levels of serum total bilirubin (0.84 mg%) and BUN (71.26 mg%) indicating both hepatic and renal insufficiency. Animal was treated with Inj. DNS 1350 mL i.v, Inj. Histanil 20 mL i.m, Inj. Enrocin 20 mL i.m and Inj. Belamyl 20 mL i.m Treatment with i.v fluids and antibiotics was repeated for two more days, where as antihistamines and supportive treatment with Belamyl was continued for 5 days and prescribed hepatoprotectant Live-52 syrup @ 20 mL orally BID for 15 days. Two bullocks started responding from next day onwards and recovered in 10 days.

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