Baochi Liu

Baochi Liu

Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Affiliated to Fudan University, China

Title: Treating AIDS patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis by autologous bone marrow transfusion


Baochi Liu received his Ph.D. from Zhengzhou University in 2007. He received his 1983. He has many Peer-reviewed Publications in reputed journals. His research interest includes general surgery, surgery infection and trauma. He is currently working as a Director and Professor in Department of Surgery, Shanghai Publical Health Clinical Center Affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai, China.


Decompensated liver cirrhosis is difficult to treat, liver cirrhosis with AIDS is more difficult to give effective treatment.Stem cell treatment bring the hope for the patients of AIDS with decompensated liver cirrhosis.
splenectomy were performed in 8 AIDS patients with liver cirrhosis to alleviate portal ven hypertention and avoid internal blooding. During the surgical procedure, a catheter was placed in the superior mesenteric vein in preparation for bone marrow transfusion (BMT). 20mL bone marrow was aspirated by puncture of the iliac crest (spina iliaca posterior superior) one week after surgery and transfused through the attached catheter into the portal vein. One or two doses of BMT were performed on each patient at a one month interval.
Except diminishment of ascites and recovery of serum albumin levels, total white blood cells and platelet count was also significantly improved. Unexpectedly, one month after BMT, CD4+ T cell count in peripheral blood of all 8 patients began to increase significantly. Conclusion: BMT for the AIDS patient with liver cirrhosis can promote liver function and immune reconstrauction.

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