Belinda Vicioso

Belinda Vicioso

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, USA

Title: Vitamin b12 deficiency and cognitive impairment: Re-visiting an old acquaintance


Belinda Vicioso is a professor of medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School where she holds the Jose Garcia MD Professorship in Internal Medicine. The author of multiple publications including the Geriatrics Review Syllabus, she is the medical director of Geriatrics at Parkland Hospital where she specializes in management of complex elders.


Since its isolation in 1948, cobalamin or vitamin B12 has been used to treat a deficiency syndrome that is variable in presentation and clinical features. During this talk, I will review new data expanding our understanding of the B12 deficiency spectrum. Especially pertinent to dementia specialists will be an update in bedside and laboratory diagnostic testing, new etiologic risk factors and treatment options.