Bhanu Duggal is faculty at Grant Medical College, India in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, but is currently working as a Research Fellow at Cleveland Clinic, USA.


Aging is accompanied by cardiac biological and structural alterations which result in a decrease in diastolic and systolic myocardial functions. Th is study was conducted to assess age-related subclinical changes in left ventricular function using Strain Imaging in healthy elderly individuals with normal left ventricular function by conventional methods (Simpson’s, eyeballing). Th e exclusion criteria were LV myocardial abnormality, valve disease, and atrial fi brillation. Our study included 100 patients divided in 4 groups according to age in years <= 70, 71 to 80, 81 to 90, >= 91; with 25 patients in each group 2D Strain: Comparison of 2D strain values between groups: Global longitudinal strainwas signifi cantly lower in elderly subjects (<= 70-17.95; 71 to 80-17.10; 81 to 90-16.93; >= 91-15.11) P value < 0.05. Th ere was signifi cant diff erence in longitudinal basal, Longitudinal mid, Longitudinal apical region strain rate, showing decreasing trend in all with increase in age (Table). Table:- Comparison of Longitudinal basal, mid and apical measurements and Global stain between age-group.

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