Bhavana B

Bhavana B

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Title: Adverse drug reactions of herbal medicines used for the treatment of life style disorders-An overview


Bhavana B has completed her MPharm and MBA from Manipal University and Sikkim Manipal University respectively. She is presently working as research scholar under structured PhD programme offered by Manipal University on adverse drug reactions of herbal medicines. She has published several articles in reputed journals and also presented research abstracts in conferences. Also delivered a few talk in conferences and seminars.


Herbal medicines are naturally occurring or derived from plants used to treat various illnesses. They are said to be as old as human existence. Herbal medicines are considered to be generally safe i.e., devoid of side effects and adverse drug reactions. Thousands of medicinal plants are used by people across the world.Over a period of time it is understood that all herbal medicines are not safe and also exhibit a few adverse drug reactions with herbal and allopathic medicines. It would of interest to know about the side effects and adverse drug reactions for life style disorders as these medicines are used over a long period of time for the same. Present study listed out several adverse drug reactions of herbal medicines used in the lifestyle disorders. One of the studies had reported about 47 ADRs due to herbal medicines and 13 herb-drug interactions. Out of which a few herbal medicines are used for the treatment of lifestyle disorders. Herbal drugs are listed out and all the side effects and ADRs are critically analyzed.