Cagatay Sezgin is a General and Hair Transplant Surgeon. He has been performing hair transplantation since year 2000 and performing only FUE since 2006 because of the patient preferences. He is the director of Adana Acibadem Adana Hospital Hair Transplantation Center. He has been the member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 2001 and the member of European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery since 2013.


Hair transplantation is one of the most frequently done esthetic operations throughout the world. Especially Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE) is gaining more popularity because of its serious advantages. As it is a very exhausting procedure for the operator and the team, every technology and/or method that would make any step of this procedure much easier is of great importance. One of them is to stain the recipient sites in order to increase their visibility which helps for proper graft planting. One of the most important issue that directly effects the outcome in hair transplantation procedure is to see the recipient sites and their directions thoroughly while planting the hair grafts in to these tiny sites. This method is previously described but not well known and frequently used. Our aim is to describe the details and benefits of this technique again. We use Methylene-Blue for staining the recipient sites and it is also used in different medical practices such as: gastro intestinal chromo-endoscopy, sentinel node determination in breast cancer surgery, urinary fistula determining etc. and has no systemic and local side effect .We use vials of sterile, diluted methylene-blue. Method: After creating the recipient sites, we apply sterile diluted methylene-blue directly on the whole recipient area with a syringe and wipe it with a dry sterile gauze in the fronto-occipital direction in order to stain the lips of the coronally created recipient sites thoroughly; after waiting for 30 second we clean the whole area with Serum physiologic solution.