My laboratory has established a research program that focuses on HIV immunology. The program is supported by research funds from NIH, VA, and non-federal grants. The laboratory has been pursuing a number of research projects with the common goal of understanding better HIV envelope-mediated immunity and pathogenesis in order to design more effective prophylactic and therapeutic measures against HIV. The key projects currently active in the lab are as follows: 1) Use of immune complexes as a vaccine strategy to elicit effective antibody and helper CD4 T cell responses against HIV. 2) Evaluation of HIV neutralization by antibodies and biologic parameters influencing virus-neutralizing activities 3) Modulation of HIV-1 envelope antigenicity and immunogenicity by glycosylation and antibodies 4) HIV envelope-induced virological synapse and signaling Awards 2012 - 2017 Research Career Scientist US Department of Veterans Affairs 1992 - 1994 Postdoctoral Fellowship American Cancer Society


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