Cemalettin Saricoban

Selcuk University, Turkey

Title: The effects of various milk biproducts on microbial properties of beef patties


Cemalettin Sarıçoban has completed his Master and PhD in meat science and technology at the age of 32 years from Selcuk University and is working as Associate Professor in the same field at Selcuk University. He has published 18 papers in the SCI indexed journals and has presented more than 40 scientific papers.


This study was conducted with the purpose of determining its effects of dairy by-products on some microbial properties of meatball. For this purpose, whey protein concentrate powder, buttermilk powder and lactose powder were used as dairy by-product. In this study, in addition, the meat used as the raw materials, meatballs were prepared by using different combination (1-2, 5-5%) and of whey protein concentrate powder, buttermilk powder, lactose powder and some physical-chemical, textural and sensorial analyses were applied on these meatballs. pH, moisture, water activity, and total mesophilic bacteria contents were analyzed at 0, 5 and 10 days. Days for raw and cooked meatballs; protein and ash contents were analyzed at 0. Day for raw meatballs. The control samples have the highest total mesophilic aerobic bacteria count. It is observed that milk by-products decrease the total mesophilic aerobic bacteria countwith a positive correlation by the concentration. As a result; it may be advised that the dairy by-products can be used to reduce total aerobic bacteria count without any negative effect on sensory.

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