Charlotte Laborde-Rouzaud

Charlotte Laborde-Rouzaud

CHU Toulouse, France

Title: New cocainomen: Additive Substances, Drug Treatment Strategies and Medical Checkup


Charlotte Rouzaud-Laborde has completed his Ph.D in January 2013 from Toulouse III Paul Sabatier University and actually in postdoctoral studies from Molecular Medicine Institute of Rangueil in 1048 Unit, team 6, named cardiac remodeling and new treatments. She is a Neurosciences Clinical Pharmacist in University Hospital. Position as teacher&researcher, she educates clinical pharmacy and guidelines for treatment strategies in pharmacy university.


Objective Physicians and pharmacists have difficulties to treat new cocaine addicts. The lack of official pharmaceutical strategy and the evolution of consumption are important problems. Additive or cutting substances increase in proportion and their pharmacological and clinical effects must be considered during care. Material and method This review exposes main additive substances and their effects according to the administration way. Pharmacological targets are exposed for drug therapies during cocaine addiction in early or chronic treatment. Conclusion and discussion A recap chart is suggested for physicians about cocaine and additive substance effects with action to take or monitoring to do. Finally, treatments without drug and new tools to evaluate their actions are exposed.