Cheryl E. Woodson

Cheryl E. Woodson

Woodson Center-Adult Health, USA

Title: Diagnosing Dementia in the Primary Care Setting: Can You Afford to? Can you afford not to?


Cheryl E Woodson has been an academic geriatrician, a primary care doctor, an employed physician, an entrepreneur in her own medical practice, public health care policy advocate and a private family caregiver. These experiences enable her to bridge theory and practice for a wide variety of audiences. She was a former Geriatrics faculty member at The University of Chicago and Northwestern University Medical Schools. She has developed and directed the Geriatrics Consultation Center, (GCC), an assessment program for frail older adults, based in a community health system. She has founded and directed the Woodson Center for Adult HealthCare, SC, incorporating the GCC concept with primary care Internal Medicine and wellness strategies to help adults of all ages.


Cognition aff ects every aspect of eff ective health care delivery, especially hospital readmission. Primary care professionals are in the best position to activate the cascade of care that can improve health outcomes. However, constraints of time, personnel, and cost, as well as the lack of Geriatrics training in medical education programs, limit the ability of primary care clinicians to meet this challenge. Objectives: At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to: Explain the impact of cognition on care coordination and hospital readmission, Implement eff ective cognition screening programs that respect time and cost, Train support staff in practice management strategies that activate the cascade of care without compromising practice flow and finances

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