Chitra K is a final year postgraduate student in MD Pharmacology in Andhra medical college. She has served in many tertiary care hospitals and after joining in government service have worked in close quarter with patients living with HIV Attended many Pharmacological conferences and attended many CME programs Arranged CME program on Adverse Drug Reaction in the college and closely monitoring ADR monitoring center in Andhra medical college which is attached to a teaching Tertiary care hospital


Background: Over the past 35 years, HIV infection has emerged as a major global health problem. Anti –Retroviral Drugs are active against this retrovirus. Sincenone of the currently available regimens can eradicate HIV from the body,the goal of therapy is to suppress the viral replication. The clinical efficacy is monitored by CD4 lymphocyte count carried out at regular intervals. Choice of the drugs has to be made on the basis of efficacy, durability, tolerability, convenience, drug interactions, impact on future options and cost Objectives • To document pharmacotheraphy of antiretroviral drugs used in ART centre at KGH, Vishakapatnam. • Pattern of ADRs occurring among HIV positive patients attending ART Centre in a tertiary care hospital at KGH, Vishakapatnam. • To asses adherence to treatment among HIV patients taking ART drugs. Materials & methods: This was a prospective study where data was collected by one-on-one interview with 101 HIV positive patients (adults) for a period of one and a half year. The information on drug use, adverse drug reactions & patients compliance was recorded on a validated case record form. Results: Data under analysis will be discussed at the time of presentation.