Chokkadi Sreepathi Bhagyajyothi

Chokkadi Sreepathi Bhagyajyothi

Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, India

Title: A Practical Guide to Statistical Considerations of Bio-medical Research


C.S. Bhagyajyothi, has completed her Master’s in Public Health Dentistry during April 2008 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Currently, she is working as a reader and an active member of ‘Research Development and Sustenance Committee’ at Bapuji Dental College and Hospital. Besides, she has the hands on experience of guiding and analyzing several research projects undertaken by both Undergraduate and Post graduate dental students using SPSS. She has also served as a reviewer for 8-10 research manuscripts of reputed national and international Journals. Additionally, she has two international publications to her credit as a first author in PUBMED indexed Journals and at present, she is vigorously working on a textbook catering to the statistical essentials of Biomedical research.


Statistics is an essential & integral part of research methodology. It is in fact, a pervasive force on which the entire spectrum of clinical decision making is dependent upon. Thereby, it plays a pivotal role in biomedical research. Further, it constitutes common yardstick that can be understood by many people & therefore is an amazing tool in communicating the necessary information about any research activity. Consequently, statistical methods are deemed very vital to the biomedical research as they constitute the integral part of medical and dental curricula. Therefore, accurate and reliable statistics and its correct use is essential for good quality research. Conversely, the conclusions based upon poor research or its misinterpretation, due to inappropriate statistics can be detrimental to patient care. Concerning this, the journals have the role of guardians of quality; particularly so, because the majority of beneficiaries of biomedical research are not able to judge for themselves and therefore must take on trust. In line with this, this paper throws spotlight on some of the statistical inadequacies that are widespread in biomedical research together with their implications in a relatively systematic way which can actually serve as a pathfinder to various research initiatives in biomedical sciences.

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