Chuanling Zhang has completed his PhD at the age of 28 years from PekingUnion Medical Collegeand worked at Peking University Health Science Center as an assistant professor. He has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals.


With the aim of studying structure-function relationships of viruses,we developed a general approach that directed azide-bearing amino acids site-specifically to any defined position ofprogeny adeno-associated viruses (AAV)via expanded genetic codes. As a demonstration and application, azides embeddedat AAVcapsids are subsequently coupled withfluorophoresbioorthogonallyin high efficiency, generating visible viruses withprobes incorporated at optimal sites that cause minimal disturbance on viral propagation and infection. The facile and mild realization of site-specific engineering of AAVby natural propagation is of considerable interest to both basic research and for therapeutic applications

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