Chunying Du

Chunying Du

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, USA

Title: Ubiquitin signaling in response to DNA damage


Dr. Chunying Du has studied tumor molecular biology for a number of years. She was trained as a biochemist and cell biologist in the field of apoptosis. She is now studying tumor suppression by apoptosis and DNA damage repair. Her work has been published in journals of Cell, Nature, Molecular Cell, PNAS and Genes & Development. Her research has been supported by National Cancer Institute, Susan G. Komem for the Cure and Department of Defense.


This lecture will address the importance of ubiquitination in the regulation of DNA damage response. It will address roles of multiple ubiquitin-protein conjugases and ligases in modification of histones and other proteins for transduction of DNA damage signaling. New advances in this area of research will be presented

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